After more than 20 years of existence, the network of Hôtels de Charme et de Caractère in Brittany is proud to announce a rebrand as “Bretagne Emotion”!

A new lease on Life

Hôtels de Charme et de Caractère in Brittany consists of fifty unique and independent hotels. All the owners and directors are guided by the same philosophy : the art of welcoming you with simplicity in unique and authentic places. Our hoteliers all have the same qualities: Know-how, solidarity, authenticity… the symbols of a personable and deeply human industry. This desire to embody even more strongly the values that drive us on a daily basis led us to question our identity. We needed to reclaim the brand « Hôtels de Charme et de Caractère » in Brittany.

The network wanted a brand and a logo which would reflect the quality of the services we offer every day in our hotels. So, after long brain storming, we came up with the name « Bretagne Emotion ».

This new brand, Bretagne Emotion, aims to establish our network as the epitome of tourism in Brittany, offering more and more sources of inspiration for your stays in our beautiful region. Why this name? Because we are talking about the mutliple emotions you experience in Brittany and the authenticity of each journey you take. We are also referring to the intense emotional state, the feeling that we want you to experience during your stay in our hotels.

This change of name also comes with a new logo deeply inspired by our region and our personality, authentic and full of character : the Glaz colour of the logo, typically Breton, with the flash on the “O” evoking Brittany can be interpreted differently according to your mood…..

Discover New experience  

By creating Bretagne Emotion, we also want to present a new project to you. Our perfect knowledge of our territories and our constant desire to offer new experiences of the highest quality have led us to expand our offer by integrating other independent establishments that share our values and our DNA. For even more excitement during your stay, our hoteliers will soon be recommending highlights to be discovered in their area, steeped in the character of Brittany, according to different themes:

 – Emblematic and remarkable sites – Unusual and authentic activities – Exceptional Breton products – Culinary and tasting experiences.

New address book coming soon  

By becoming Bretagne Emotion, our network asserts its personality and know-how within a typical and authentic territory. A brand that will allow you to experience exceptional getaways to the full, right here in Brittany !