To feel at home everywhere, the choice of a room is essential to the success of my stay at the hotel. For a pleasant night but also for a moment of relaxation during the day, it is good to find the comforting softness of a cocoon… even at the hotel!

A cozy nest at the hotel

When I travel, even though I’m looking for a change of scenery, there is one essential point that I want to find every night: comfort and intimacy. In the Hôtels de Charme et de Caractère in Brittany, everything is set up to find this friendly and warm atmosphere that is conducive to relaxation and calm.

First of all, in the choice of decoration, which is elegant, refined and unique, where each detail is thought out with harmony, using noble materials. Then in the facilities offered, such as the courtesy tray that makes me want to enjoy a hot drink wrapped up in the bathrobe that is held out to me in the bathroom, after a comforting shower (or bath!), thanks to the cosmetic products made available to me.

For a rejuvenating experience

But what I like most of all is the environment that will offer me a total escape. Facing the sea for a 100% iodized stay, in the heart of the city for a dynamic moment close to restaurants or other city activities or in the middle of nature for a serene break.

And if I feel like lounging in another room, the relaxation areas for a reading or game break are always welcome to meet and enjoy a friendly moment, just like at home. And if the view is breathtaking… I know that my stay will be a success!

Putting down your bags in a room of the Hôtels de Charme et de Caractère de Bretagne is the assurance of not wanting to leave the place for an unforgettable stay… just like at home!