In business, there are unavoidable appointments throughout the year, the professional meetings. Seminars, meetings, congresses or study days, these are all important events that require precise organization. Why not consider the Hotels of Charm and Character in Brittany for your events?

The choice of an intimate setting

Choosing a hotel for your professional events means choosing a friendly setting with all the necessary comforts to serenely approach these fundamental steps in the functioning of your company. By favoring an intimate atmosphere, you create a soothing and relaxing space, conducive to exchanges and participation between your employees.

The Hôtels de Charme et de Caractère in Brittany and their proximity to rejuvenating places such as the sea or nature, offer a real moment of disconnection, ideal for combining work and relaxation. And to extend the experience, consider a residential seminar and take advantage of the comfort and facilities of the rooms, the relaxation areas or the catering service offered.

Dedicated spaces

Our hotels also provide seminar rooms adapted to your needs. Equipped with all the equipment necessary for your meetings to run smoothly (wifi access, flipchart, video projector, etc.), these quiet spaces offer you all the conditions for optimal work quality. The teams in place are at your disposal to adapt the program to your expectations and help you combine business with pleasure.

Our rooms are also equipped for individual work. You will benefit from an office area, wifi access, comfort and all the peace and quiet you need to carry out your projects.

To make your professional experiences exceptional, treat yourself to a seminar right here in Brittany!